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Caadre Mirror designed by Philippe Starck for Fiam


Free-standing mirror, also available in hanging version in 6 mm-thick curved glass, made of four separate back-silvered curved elements. Also available with engravings or in semi-reflective titanium glass or in bronze glass back-silvered. It can be hung horizontally or vertically. Also available custom-sized and in modular configurations. LED lighting kit with a dimmer switch and temperature regulation (optional).


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Album by Cesar

Album is more than just a new catalogue. It is a new method of communication.

As its name suggests, Album is a portfolio containing everything that is important in telling our story: photographs, phrases, and thoughts.

Designed to provide a swift but comprehensive introduction to the world of Cesar, Album places the client, their personality, and unique lifestyle, at the heart of its design projects.

Centre stage are the emotions elicited by the kitchen models, with the technical features in the background. The images are accompanied by texts that paint a picture of who each kitchen is designed for.

And there is more. Another change is that the kitchens are also showcased with installations from real life customers who have chosen a Ceasar kitchen for their home, thus providing a series of suggestions, ideas, and priceless recommendations that will help customers imagine how they can customise and fit the model into their own home.

Consequently, Album is an ideal tool for facilitating a first point of contact with a customer. It will also help broaden Cesar’s customer base, inspiring a curiosity that could spark a personal relationship with a future client.

Album developed out of previous flyers and the Kitchen Collection, and is a key piece of the company’s new communication strategy. Album can be inserted straight into Cesar’s interactive media displays and distributed at events and presentations.